Relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery around Denia by taking one of the following 5 routes. All are of easy to moderate level and some are suitable for wheelchairs and specially adapted bicycles.

The sensational scenery you’ll experience while walking or cycling around Denia takes in the impressive Montgo mountain, orange groves, sea views and the beautiful landscape of this wonderful area of the Costa Blanca, Spain.

The mild climate means you can take a walk or ride a bike in the Denia area throughout the year.

Our route planners are easy to follow and maps are available from the Denia Tourist Information Centre.

1. La Via Verde de Denia –Denia’s Green Route

This cycle path and walk takes in the magnificent scenery of Denia’s Green Route, which runs along the old train track between Denia and Vergel. Along the way there are several paths down to the beaches of Denia.

On this Denia bike ride and walk points of interest include:

Length of route: 6km
Starting point: Camino de Pego, next to ‘Natura Garden’ garden centre.
Terrain: Flat and easy, asphalt for cyclists and sand for walkers. Suitable for wheelchair users.

2. Park les Bassetes – North Jetty

This walking and cycling route runs along part of Las Marinas beach in Denia and is perfect for a gentle cycle or stroll to Denia harbour and the North Jetty. Please note pedestrians have right of way over cyclists along the wooden walkways.

On this Denia walk and bike ride points of interest include:

Length of route: Parque de Les Bassetes to North Jetty 3.3km
Benidorm Square to North Jetty 1.8km
Benidorm Square to Parque de Les Bassetes 1.5km
Starting point:  Parque de Les Bassetes or Benidorm Square roundabout in Denia
Terrain: Flat, with wooden planks on the beaches and sand dunes, and sand and concrete on Las Marinas paths and the North harbour. Suitable for wheelchair users on wooden walkways.

3. Las Rotas – Gerro Watch Tower

A walk and cycle path along the rocky coastline of Las Rotas. The route walkway runs alongside the Marienta Cassiana beach, where you can stop for a paddle in the sea before continuing your relaxing walk or cycle ride along this pleasant stretch of the Denia coastline.

On this Denia coastal walk and bike ride points of interest include:

Length of route: 5km
Starting point: Roundabout at the South harbour of Denia
Terrain: Mainly flat, except for ramps to cross riverbeds. After 4km there is a climb to the Gerro Watch tower to 130m above sea-level. Paving, earth pebbles. Only suitable for wheelchair users on some parts of the route. In summer the Marienta Cassiana beach is wheelchair accessible.

4. Cami de la Colonia (Montgo)

This is a challenging walk along the mountain paths of the famous Montgo mountain. A spectacular walk along the north side of the mountain that enjoys the fantastic scenery of Denia and Javea, although this is not a Costa Blanca walk for the faint-hearted. You must be well prepared and an experienced walker as the path becomes quick rocky in some places.

Note: permission is needed to take this Denia walk, from the Centro de Interpretacion del Parque Natural del Montgo. Tel 966 423 205

Bicycles are not permitted on this route.

On this Denia mountain walk points of interest include:

Length of route: 5.5km
Starting point: Pare Pere chapel
Terrain: Level to start then fairly steep, climbing to over 70m. Loose gravel paths. Not suitable for wheelchair users

5. Montgo Mountain Round Trip – Denia Port - Javea

A wonderful walk through the stunning scenery of the Montgo mountain, returning from Javea to Denia by boat. This natural park is a great way to experience the fantastic views of Denia and Javea, from the inland mountains to the ports.

This is one of the most interesting walks on the Costa Blanca, taking in the scenery and agriculture of this beautiful area of Spain, including farmland, orange and lemon trees, olive and almond trees vineyards and traditional riu raus (where grapes are dried). The return boat trip (ask for details at the tourist information centre) gives spectacular views of the Cabo de Sant Antonio and the lighthouse. This is a Denia walk not to be missed if you are a keen walker and want to explore the Costa Blanca.

Bicycles are not permitted on this route.

On this Montgo mountain walk points of interest include:

Length of route: 25km
Starting point: Jaume Square. There is also an information panel at the entry to the open air market at Torrecremada. The route is signposted.
Terrain: This is a medium to challenging walk with some ascents of minor difficulty and some flat areas. The terrain is of asphalt and earth. Not suitable for wheelchair users